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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 9, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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holding strong from wife and my kid is all i can do right now. it had requested any and all information including any bill that may exist for law enforcement officials. these digital images will be removed. today the rabbit and reagan said their offer in exchange is on his jersey. >> reporter: domestic violence accounts for 40 percent of the arrest. >> pam: the san francisco
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consider a resolution announcing the team for allowing it macdonell to continue to play what he is under investigation. >> reporter: i think it is important to make it clear that this team that there are names should not allow a player to play was facing a serious felony charges. >> pam: tonight at 530 will hear what the team's owner has to say about the investigation and how the niners decided to have the situation. a 15 year-old boy is suffering from life-threatening injuries. officials say it happened just before 3:00 this afternoon the
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suspect left the area before police arrived on the scene. it is still our investigation. the scene was shot and killed by a policeman. the family says the killing was an act of violence. the person on the phone was 911 was his brother call for medical assistance. she was not to give her medication and acting out the share deputy arrived in minutes the situation turned deadly. >> reporter:
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>> reporter: her family's lawyer he maintained that she would still be alive if the deputy received proper training. he would follow the protocol he will follow his training he would not have gone out of his. that's the shame of it all. >> reporter: her daughter was not a threat. there was no need to shoot her. >> reporter: the city continues
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to merge from the bankruptcy back in 2000 and a. the police officials say not only is this city hiring new officers their hiring canine units to help fight crime as well. today at the place where the 18 year was gunned down.herhe
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maintains that serrano would we had one more thing vallejo as the city continues to emerge now the police officials say not well to 10 times faster than a police them" here's the going rate for a 32- gig iphone in good conditon. an i-phone 5s is can fetch you >> grant:
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>> gabe slate: is long overdue. it is such a memo to the navigating you would do it. >> reporter: if you press the digital kron 4 return to the home screen. >> gabe slate: this nomad sitting is called digital. income below the train to france to have a digital apple watch.
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the apple want to be fully customizable. when i got my hands on the apple watch the device up a little heavier than i would want it to be. i wish you did not have your act the phone to use it. if it is good i see people really using this. the apple watch star sec $349 a his the market early next year. in the middle is the new apple six from. >> gabe slate: theyed around e's really nice in the hand. the 4.7 it is the best size ever. the i
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found six will start at 199 back at 06 will start at 299. coming up in three men is fremont is in the midst of a makeover. another day of searching but still no sign of the mountain lion. 49 and ceo speaks on re macdonalds scandal. searching but still no sign of the mountain lion. 49 and ceo speaks on re macdonalds scandal. the timber just have got a here's a good one seattle... what did geico say to the mariner?
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crews began the demolition on a three story office building in fremont today the demolition of this building on fremont boulevard marked the beginnings of a real downtown for a city. city planners envision a downtown that will give fremont a new identity.
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a lot of things that happen this is really a visual that have been working on this. we interpret the come down and enjoy it. the early stages of the project should begin to be noticed early next year. coming of next the hunt for the mountain lion that mall the 60 boy. the american case and what ebola is now back in the united states. we'll have more will we come back.
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you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh how do you helper? make helper with your favorite ingredients, for a fresh taste you'll love. helper. make it yours. now make restaurant inspired dishes with ultimate helper. a gruesome discovery in san francisco's golden gate park this morning. a city employee found a body in
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mallard lake. that's along martin luther king junior drive in the western end of the park. police have turned the investigation over to the medical examiner's office to determine a cause of death. so far no other details have been released. >> pam: specially trained dogs fell to pick up the terrell the line. >> reporter: live traps like this one have been deployed for the on going on for the mountain lion. they have been unable to catch the mountain lion. >>: we are scouting out a good
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locations. >> reporter: with morning signs posted at terrell hits. >>: we tried keep him away from it they're more likely to scare with the line if it picks up the scent. >> reporter: the young adult lion attack the six year-old boy as it was walking with his family on the trail. he was rescued by his father and is now covering in good conditions. the lion who is captured will be put down. >>: is a loud animal and is very unpredictable they have a
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territorial area and they are following the scent of the animal. that crisscross over each other. >> reporter: they're not always successful detractors call it quits after six days in the field. >> pam: into the picchetti ranch open a wildfire inside yosemite national park has grown to more than 44-hundred acres. all residents who were in the path of the flames have been successfully evacuated. the fire is believed to have
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started when a small lightening caused fire. which was allowed to smolder since july. reignited. one visitor recalls how he had dome to escape the flames. officials say the plan now is to completely put out the flames. the park is still open with the exception of the high country campgrounds in the little yosemite valley and half dome. >> reporter: simitar not too hot the '80s and in a land 84 in livermore, a mix of seventies and low 80s tonight the fog is going to return to the coast. tomorrow is going to be clear to average of our law to be in the lower 80s high 90s.
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call it bottle shock. but the damage tally to wineries from napa's big quake is more than 80 million dollars. >> pam: that includes building the bottled and barrels. losses range from $50,000 of to $8 million the most devastating circumstance. the winery is discovered even more damages. most of not covered by earthquake insurance. >> pam:
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the world health organization says the ebola outbreak in west aferica has reached "dire" proportions. nearly 2=hundred new deaths have been reported in a single day. and they bring the total death toll to nearly 23=hundred. >> pam: trying to save the live of an american health worker who got the disease in sierra leone. as mary moloney reports, he will not be getting the experimental serum given to the two other victims treated at the same hospital last month. >> reporter:the fourth american infected with ebola landed in atlanta this morning. doctors at emory university hospital will treat the patient in a special isolation unit, to ensure the deadly virus does not spread. >> reporter: the health care worker, whose apparently got the illness in sierra leone. unlike the other two americans who were treated there, this patients will not get an experimental serum, for now. >> reporter:
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>>: "if we have therapeutic options, we will evaluate them, but again, we will fall back on those standard protocols." >> reporter:those protocols include treating the symptoms, and boosting the patient's own defense system. >>: "importantly, to be able to improve upon their nutritional status so the reparative mechanisms of the body are ongoing, and that immune system recovers to clear the virus." >> reporter: this comes as the u-s government announced a 10-million-dollar contribution to help combat the ebola outbreak in west africa. the money will help train and equip some 100 additional health workers in the area. this is in addition to 100-million dollars already pledged. >> reporter: the world health organization describes the growing ebola outbreak as a "dire emergency" the w-h-o says several thousand more cases of ebola are expected in the next three weeks. the deadliest ebola outbreak in history has already killed more than 22-hundred people. in atlanta, i'm mary moloney reporting. >> pam: and preview of the
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investigate say that the plight was hit. investigators stopped short of using the word midsole but the report does appear that the plane was shot out of the sky. >> pam: coming up
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>> pam: that is and in bad assets to let ray macdonald play. the ceos of publicly on
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the matter for the first time. >> reporter: many has called for him to be suspended because of the domestic violence case. they see all said the right situation at and he stands by his decision and allow the legal process to play itself out. >> reporter: you when i speak about the situation. he defended the decision to let the player to continue playing. >>: it is important for the legal process to take its course. but the charge of the
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file where else that happens will to make sure that the arise that americans are for it. >> reporter: he says he is comfortable with it. >>: i am comfortable with my reputation brought the process my character is i would not punish somebody until we see evidence that should be done for an entire organization in entire legal police investigation shows us something. >> reporter: following the release of this is near video involved in his own domestic violence with another player. >>: each case is home. we need
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to not overdo it with great macdonald or whoever else is. i don't think that is a fair way to approach it we have to have a better look on this approach. but to be very careful not to punish somebody who was in a different situation than the last person. >> reporter: that's that already provide domestic violence prevention and the scenes policy against domestic violence has been clearly stated. >> pam:tonight. twitter employees in san francisco are on alert after new threats surface from isis. the group tweeted a series of death threats in retaliation for twitter shutting down isis accounts. kron 4's teresa estacio has the chilling details.
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>> reporter: after receiving threats on the ice is terrorist organization. twitter had shut down its account used to spread details about that at some mention about the journalistic. the ice is members are retaliating direct attacks on police. if they do not stop there will launch direct attacks against the twitter employees. >> reporter: there will be waiting for them at their doorsteps if they continue. they declined to comment when i tried to speak with them. >> pam: president obama met with congressional leaders today to lay out his strategy for targeting isis in iraq and syria.
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this comes just one day before he addresses the nation on the matter. president obama told lawmakers he has the authority to carry out his plan, but asked for their support. >> pam: the president has been under pressure from conservatives to strike isis in syria. however, two senior legislators from both sides of the aisle say a congressional vote on military action is unlikely. >> pam:the president is scheduled to address the nation on isis tomorrow at 6:00 pacific time. you can catch the speech in its entirety live right here on kron 4. you'll also get a chance to join in on the conversation on our facebook and twitter pages. >> reporter: it was so much cooler we were in the 50s today. we only briefly at those temperatures in the upper 80s.
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it was pretty comfortable even inland. all the pretty mild day today. downtown san francisco has no clout right now. it is going to clear fast. i'll show you how warm it is one to get when we come back. >> pam: record-setting rains slammed the southwestern u-s yesterday. turning roadways into rivers as flash floods washed away cars. here's a look at intense flash- flooding in nevada. it's from a passenger in a vehicle along interstate 15 near mesquite. >> pam:the stretch of highway is barely recognizable because of the torrential floodwaters. over in arizona. a man is
5:36 pm
rescued after floodwaters carried him down a wash yesterday. this is what his car looked like just moments after northwest firefighters rescued him. it was completely submerged. >> pam: find out which bay area universities made the last. our custom experts will join us.
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>> pam: those areas include restoration rates and a freshman retentions. columbia and samper round out the top five. ucla
5:40 pm
were the top to public universities. >> pam: they have a decision to make whether gay marriage will be illegal in all 50 states. the final ruling will more than likely not happen before june of next year. >> reporter: near the cemetery ridge till the clear skies near the bay. will let you know which you can expect when we will be back.
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that belonging to on people shoppers may be on sale on the market. they stole millions of data for millions of customers. >> reporter: is this one any different than the of our big deal that we a talk about. is bigger in affect more people 60 million + people have been affected. are there any improvement in the pipeline? >> reporter: home depot is a c grade insecurity they already knew. they dump that is that how safe is the system and they said not that good. the protection is
5:45 pm
there but they were not jump on it fast enough. you can always do your all research and we strongly recommend that. you're nervous you always use cash. why is the security to balance so slow? it seems to be a big area and a money maker to have a big plan for security. >> reporter: and the one that transmits the data that stores the data and here comes the hackers. weather is on the apple
5:46 pm
from zero whether all your credit card the chip that you either this information is not stored. >> pam: this was announced today people are thinking that it is a big turnover would you think of this? >> reporter: i think it divides people divorce aea technology. it has zone which you fall into. in his voice to be much better chances are going to be far more secure the we have right now we have now is decades old. this is what would happen to the ban and to fool around with it. >> pam: ways we appreciate your advice.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: if you use your credit card at any long did all you need some check your credit report when targets sellout the c o had resigned as for his home depot are then there are a lot of options. >> reporter: c zero was going to resign already. >> reporter: the number of job
5:48 pm
openings have raised is sell to 4.7 million the economy is good is time to get to resonate in order for you that data and give it to your calls. >> reporter: the big bay area a company is being bottled up. luciferase general mills that only dominate that market. organic had brought about 145 products is for.
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>> reporter: marla the live from our rubicam. the immediate coast line to images right now are '60s and '70s still less phil 86 in concord, 86 and livermore, 69 and oakland and san jose. another south bay and the clearing it will be a lot more for your when stake. three the rest of the week. not very extensive at all. about nine to
5:50 pm
10 the coast again tomorrow you'll be a little bit warmer. >> reporter: the upper 60s to grow 77 cisco, a his and the sale. it will be pretty close to its markets in the land. 90 in san ramon, 92 in livermore it will be at 84 in cupertino. you'll be 79 in mountain view,
5:51 pm
for wednesday will be 84 and not all. lucy mae late '80s and '90s through the weekend and sunday monday and next tuesday. coming up all explained in the next addition of people behaving badly tonight at 8.
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hollywood girl power gone wrong or ploy to boost record sales? this alleged girl fight. well pam, there's no love lost between taylor and katy. this so-called feud is already putting their super-fans, the swifties and the katy-kats at odds! so they got back up! but how did this hollywood girlfight start? it was taylor who threw the first punch! >>:upsound trouble music video 2:57 one of the things that i noticed hanging out with her.not that she puts up because i think shes fiesty. and man is taylor feisty in the new issue of rolling stone on supposed "friend" turned the news on your favorite stars doesn't end there. >> reporter: she said she did
5:56 pm
something so horrible that we are straight up animes it had to do business not a guy. i have to avoid her is opera and i do not like it. at's entertainment tonight. then at 8:00, we're back with more news right here on kron 4. no tonight as six leno. design of the time are you married or single we have a lot more nose ahead after this.
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we have one more thing now at 6:00 for the first time in years the apple fall apple unveiled a smart watch. along with a larger apple 6 phone. good evening everybody apple's more watch is the first century >> gabe slate: that's where and i see 84 the first macintosh
6:00 pm
today there is a little feeling of jobs they're entering a whole new category. this is a big deal for apple now we know what that what the law to be we have a look that. >>: it is test claim most of the navigating your blue >>: if you press the digital crown a return to the home screen. >> grant>> gabe slate: ltd. newo ways to connect and communicate
6:01 pm
directly from your wrist. it will happen between two people who are friends and aides have and apple watch. the apple what we fully customizable with many defacing types. the actual device of a little heavier than i want to be but it looked great and we should not have to have your apple fall with the to use it. if the battery life is good i can see people getting it.
6:02 pm
that have occurred around edge the lead in is i fall to get on the market the fourth 0.7 is the best size for an apple on. >> reporter: the people who have the apple sausages waiting for the apple six from.
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>> pam: will will continue our coverage on line. >> pam: they say that he walked out of his home around 4:00 this afternoon after he had a disagreement with his father. you walk into a wooded area of their view but he has not been seen and heard from since. officials say this behavior is out of character for the team. >> pam: this edition of our partnership officials say it all happens shot a 43 this
6:04 pm
afternoon. the suspect left area before police arrived on the same as it is still under investigation. >> pam: the incident happened back in june the mother and father and brother stood with a lawyer in the middle of the street where he was gunned down. they believe the young woman was still be alive today if the officer at deceit crisis intervention type training. the nye one call was made by the girl's brother the situation was not an emergency. they say they needed medical help because his sister refused to take her medication that was
6:05 pm
acting out. the brother was still on the fall when all the arise you can hear as the situation turned deadly. >>: she is following the call with a knife to what is happening someone to say she just got shot. >> pam: she was running for the officer with a kitchen knife as she was killed. last month the san mateo county declined to file criminal charges against the deputy calling the shooting justified. prosecutors are deciding whether 46 or those of martin appeared in the march in that courtroom today at a hearing to get a new trial. the remains in
6:06 pm
custody on a $10 million bail. it was arrested last june and charged with all the affected towns. the jury last month, are not guilty on charges involving three of his former stones. >> pam: the couple as to the door at their home in baltimore she also said on is the grand statement but said the release of the support this bill had been called a nightmare. no one know the pain that the media and on what options from the public has caused my family. in making as relive a moment in our lives that we regret it a horrible thing. >> pam: he is holding strong for his wife and his child. the associated press said along a more detailed bill of the fight
6:07 pm
shows them shouting at each other as she appears to spit in his face before he throws a blood supplies. >> pam: he is being investigated for a felony domestic violence. this happens is the border to buy as what has introduced a resolution denouncing the team for allow mcdonald to continue to play. this evoked in defending the decision at kron 4 stan kirkland joins us with what he had to say. >> pam: >> reporter: terrell and a real they allow mcdonnell to continue to play. he says is one that he stands by.
6:08 pm
>>: i fully acknowledge that and i fully respect the decision but for me to the demise of the mirror and say that i was to punish somebody whether not playing them are cutting them or suspending them or whatever that and is before you can go through an entire legal process and as i investigation that is not why empyrean >> reporter: as the rev. donald this is a maxim of popular is that better his reputation. the policy against domestic violence as the senate clearly turbofans and employes. allied outside right now from the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: the fault is going
6:09 pm
to be real minimal. it is for the pleasant out their most cases are in the eighties go. a three a concord, 77 in the bottle. we'll look at the numbers coming up. >> reporter: the search for the mountain lion that attack the little boy it expands. twitter employees are on the ad after receiving threats from ices we return.
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6:12 pm
ice is member apparently retaliated it could be a direct attack on employees to work for twitter. president president obama has addressed the nation on ices tomorrow evening at 6:00. you can hear it in its
6:13 pm
entirety live or here at kron 4. coming up tonight the vallejo police department budget cuts howl their gaining strength in numbers. next in their cars to the mountain lion that attack the old 60 boy.
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6:15 pm
6:16 pm
>> reporter: several live traps like this one had been hoping to catch a glimpse of the lie in-- lion they found no new tracks north side of the animal. the
6:17 pm
rows remain closed because they are a threat to public safety. >>: this is the area and this is the home range of the cat in problems in the area. it could be on the way to somewhere else but we cannot take that chance. >> reporter: by dan his dna analysis will were bill the line is the exact age and sex. >> reporter: after clearing the capital of any threats a member for their on and what to confirm and side of the school. but all high-school.
6:18 pm
one student was arrested at one was hospitalized for a head injury. >>: that amendable lay helpless department will be on the swayback to regular staffing levels. over the past 80 months we have been trying to make way for more officers to come to vallejo. what we get there we will strive for 125 offices.
6:19 pm
>> reporter: is not like all our services have been restored we have been able to address some these needs. some six canine units have also been added to the cause. it can range anywhere from 10,000 to $50,000. --15000 >> reporter: officials are issuing a small advisory. officials are warning residents
6:20 pm
to remain indoors and keep windows and doors closed. >> reporter: timid is largely in the '70s and '80s. we're only in the upper 80s very briefly. of the north bay we hit the '70s 7 is also down in the south bay. no fog fault here diskette will be 3 mi. out there tomorrow morning. >> reporter: will see 80s and low 90s. you see that as not very extensive at all. by endicott by 8:00, it will become
6:21 pm
warmer and san jose. 84 in cupertino, 84 in san jose. it will be 92 in the lead. 80 in san leandro. 80 down in san mateo. it is going to stay warm when i went to see a whole lot of fog friday and saturday 80s and low 90s even in the coastline. by sunday monday and tuesday will see the return of
6:22 pm
back fog coverage will be back after this break. i'm m-a-r-and haveopd. m j-f-f i'm l-s-a d i ve cd, bui dot want my breathingproby hosng mbooklub. that why ask my ctoraboub-r-o. onceailyreo lipthelp ineaseirfl frothe ngs foa fl 24ours. and br hel rede sytomflarups as and reque or steids, anbiots, ohospal sy. andeo inot r asthma. flarups as br conins typef mecine that increases rk ofeathn anbipeop witasth. . it is t knn ifhis sk i cread inopd. breo w't rlaceescu hale fosudd cop sympms a shod nobe ud morethannce day.
6:23 pm
breo may ireasyourisk eumoa, tush,steorosi ansomeye problems. tellour ctorf yohave hearcondion or hh bld prsureefor kingreo. asyouroctoaboub-r-o for pd. rst escrtionree
6:24 pm
rst escrtionree i g dr.chols maaginee d lel wo inses. they aorb e shk of woing y i el ergiz! i a bieve . scll'sassang g worknsol. i'm belier! . scll'sassang g worknsol.
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there are more single american adults then there are married ones. back in 1976 to about 37% single are less likely to have children and to stand the glass. you have been so cautious since the financial crisis that the federal reserve says less than 40 percent of the u.s. family told individual stocks like apple or will. more than twice
6:26 pm
as many on it is one that according to the american mesentery medical association. >> reporter: is the session started making since last fall when he was diagnosed with the syndrome. >>: in the tax along time out there because i like what i am doing that i almost don't want to finish what i am doing. >> reporter: 1 reason why he loves cats is because he could understand their personality. >> reporter: it will allow you
6:27 pm
to pay taxes with the upcoming iphones. ...we need to break up.
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military famils aruniqly thkfulor my thgs, the gacyf us aut inranccoulbe one of them ifou'ra cuent forr lita memr or their family, get autinsunce quot and see y 92of o memrs plano st forife. >> reporter: it has a 4.67 in. screen. in a giant 5.5 screen. they hit the market september 19th at 0 on the belt the ad
6:31 pm
watch the apple was will start at $349 and come out early 2015. they believe will be the most secure way that the new system does not leave a trail like a credit card would. >> reporter: the hunt for the mountain lion who attacked a six year old boy. the boy is out of a hostile and is recovering. they found no new tracks or signs of the mountain lion. an infrared camera is also being set up. the search need to
6:32 pm
continue until they are comfortable that there is no more threat to public safety in the area. >> reporter: the ceo is defending the team's terrell lowery mcdonnell to continue playing. he says he is not what the punishment donald until the legal process plays itself out. that's a great mcdonald is not re rice. >> reporter: security is extremely tight after receiving threat from i system areas organization twitter has shut down the accounts that spread the details of the journal list. the eyes is never are retaliating.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: the family of a mentally ill teenager shot and killed by the sheriff's deputy has filed a civil rights also carry it authorities said the night and don't 80 year-old was running at the altar with a kitchen knife her brother said he called 911 asking for medical assistance because his sister was refusing to take her medication and was acting out. >> reporter: what's help law- enforcement to deal with the mentally ill. >> reporter: this is no law that bankruptcy. that meant the but i hope police department will go
6:34 pm
back to the regular staffing levels. once we get there we avoid to strive for 102 to five officers. >> reporter: they are pretty significant. more than $80 million the report was issued today some sort of damage that accused the building of the bottled in the barrels. a range from $50,000 a to 8 million in the most devastating circumstances. >> reporter: a bit more money for the rest of the work week.
6:35 pm
declared out from the golden gate bridge. in a lot to be a lot warmer and it will stay that way. it is not very extensive by 8:00. we'll see warmer temperatures. will be in the '90s and landed, 92 of his third 80 inside of the day tomorrow. it will be warmer tomorrow thursday and friday it will keep was more all the way into the saturday and will start to call back down.
6:36 pm
>> stanley: they even had a basket. in health or to get from point a to point b. i sing many off-campus. >> stanley: it was just about a mile from google. the workflow? this is my first time ever.
6:37 pm
>> stanley: a bell and a basket. they have been spotted in san francisco livermore san jose and los angeles. if you want a free like just try to mountain view. people are scooping in them up the wettest part in a slight the person was sucked up by aliens. close to 8,000 kilobytes no locks no security is a prime opportunity for people to be a bad they are not free to take
6:38 pm
home and sell on ebay and chrysler is on the free-market and gas that is happening and montague stanley roberts kron 4 knows. >> reporter: how you can get your hand on an original asset painting coming up.
6:39 pm
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6:41 pm
>> reporter: the oakland school the money will be used to generate funds for the zero. the paintings made by an elephant giraffe and a chimpanzee will be framed and you can bid. on the original starting at 0 hundred and $45. there are five paintings up for grabs and there
6:42 pm
is still four days to bid on them. all this force will be up next.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> reporter: additional was available. we never ask for a video but >> reporter: i just i can't believe that somebody will go on and on and just like blatantly like that you will be called.
6:46 pm
until you control to make that your bald faced liar is hard to make to estimate what to do. yet one of your guys to look at it. they did not look at it. can i get up on national television and people are saying he is a liar. >> reporter: he is getting in from all sides. from the espn guys all the tape. rate rise dreiser and heard it had struck the rail inside of the elevator
6:47 pm
which knocked her unconscious. this guy makes an awful lot of money for these owners the on the card is lost as long as they keep making his money. he is not want to lose his job unless he is a bold faced liar and we would just can't stand the sight of him. as long as he is telling the truth and i see the video it was released yesterday. >> reporter: the way they handled this situation. setting up a very clear policy in the
6:48 pm
end at el. >> reporter: grain rice his wife was in the composition is today. this is our life. this is the first time i have asked the heard it. for ray. it is tough for both of them as a young
6:49 pm
couple that had a kid is that all the way around. >> reporter: anybody in the media people do not sit there and go inside clear this up let's make this a better place. i want the story first let's get it on. >>: in that regard and hopefully it as an outcome in the end. it's not happening. agassi when
6:50 pm
she would just be shocked. >> pam: like us. >> reporter: this respectful attitude toward players and he traveled to baltimore. white rag rug inflated the wrong way.
6:51 pm
he was cut to three days ago they did brought him back. she found a guy that just got back. the more you get to know them the more you like them. who has it better than us? that doesn't mean he is a bad guy. in just a little tired of listening to somebody like that. the ray macdonald bill i don't think that all of that have gone through. unless they had a pretty good idea that not
6:52 pm
bloodied charge is filed. there have been no charges filed yet. >> reporter: their the gambling a lot here nothing is being hit in. will be right back ♪watching everybody eating ♪what they want all day ♪oh this tasteless cardboard ♪brings me nothing but more shame ♪
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tonight in new york city broadway than is like tonight in honor of the comedian who died last week. she was 81 years old and stopped breathing during her medical procedure on her vocal cords and died a few days later. her funeral was held on sunday in new york city with same the glitz and theater she embraced. ebro rate executive director said john lever's love the broadway and we loved her. >> reporter: in line to lead to a these must time we had into the weekend. in the meantime stay in touch with kron 4 don.
6:57 pm
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"the insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. ♪ >> looks like we got ourselves a girl fight. did taylor throw katy under the bus? scathing new interview as katy calls out the mean girl. is all this bad blood over a boy? jennifer aniston's revealing night out. >> liberating and freeing. >> jenny from the block takes a break from date something. >> i feel like i need that right now. plus, this video so much worse. the disturbing ray rice footage. is his wife now blaming the media? plus, with that hair and that face -- >> i'm with my brother from another mother. >> a lot of people think we look like each other.
7:00 pm
>> take your son to workday. >> time to go inside. >> let's go inside. >> no, seriously, let's go inside. >> the latest celebrity news presented to you 24/7. it's the insider together with yahoo. taylor swift versus katy perry. is it a ploy to boost record sales? please welcome our new insider. so happy to have you here. one of your first assignments was getting hazed -- or i should say heckled by george lopez. >> it was nothing but love. maybe i showed him too much. >> no such thing. come on. >> but there's no love lost between taylor and katy. >> the feud is already putting the super fans at odds. >> so they have backup? >> yes, they do. how did this fight start? it was taylor who threw the first punch. ♪ >> one of the things that shocked me about hanging out with her, there's a side of her she doesn't always show.


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